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Hello, I’m Adrian from 3D Printing Tech. This is my site to support my Youtube channel.  Running an YT channel require a lot of time. I’m doing my best to spend as much time as possible doing 3D Printing related stuff or tech related stuff, because I love what I do and i enjoy sharing my contend with the entire world.

I’m at beginning with my channel but I have a lot of experience to share with you guys.

To grow this channel and produce more quality content i would appreciate if you guys will support me.

What can you do?

That is easy.

Watch and share my videos!

That is the easiest way to help and support me. This is free as most of my content. You can always share my content with your friends or colleagues, that will help me a lot because that show me that my videos are useful for the community.


You can always donate

As you can see, I do my best to support the community. You can do it too! If you like my work, please award it with a small (or BIG 🙂 ) donation. I will be very thankful.

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